One Free Minute

What would you say, given one free minute of anonymous public speech?

One Free Minute is a mobile sculpture designed to allow for instances of anonymous public speech. Anonymous callers to One Free Minute's toll-free line can record a message of up to a minute, to be broadcast in the public soundscape. The speech produced by the speaker can be heard clearly more than 150 feet away from the sculpture.

To participate in One Free Minute, call now and leave a message on our answering machine. We'll transfer your message the sculpture (that's it on the left), and play it back randomly during future performances:

1-888-500-1011 Canada & USA (toll free)

One Free Minute hits the streets of Montreal in May 2009 as part of La Biennale de Montréal. Come ride with us as we broadcast your speeches in public space. Your speeches have also been performed in Columbus Ohio, Quebec City, Vancouver, San Jose and Berlin; you can hear to what the residents of Quebec City's Saint Roch quartier have to say here, San Jose here, and of course who could forget Berlin.

Have you called yet?

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